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Air quality detection & control

A lot of people are concerned about the environmental impacts on their health. Scientific research has shown that quite some diseases are caused by low air quality in cities, especially in big cities. The main pollutants in air are particles and hazard gases. The air quality sensing solutions developed by Elehope will be able to accurately measure air quality at low cost. This allows the public to monitor the air quality around them whenever they want.



a) Particle concentration

The low-cost sensors are enhanced with our innovative technologies to detect not only big particles, but also fine particles which are more harmful to health.



b) Gases concentration

The gaseous pollution in indoor environment comes mainly from the materials used in decoration. The key pollutants are formaldehyde (HCHO), benzene, and other VOC.



c) Modeling of indoor pollution

While accurate measurement of indoor pollutants is not feasible, software models for the evaluating the pollution levels of some typical places become very useful. With these models, suggestions could be provided on how to improve the air quality in indoor environment.



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